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Twigs are a series of vases which I have produced since 2000. The inspiration came from the living hedgerows which dominate the landscape surrounding me. As with living beings, no two vases are identical. Twigs are approximately 22 cm tall and come in a variety of translucent tones of blue, green, gold and violet and have a sand blasted, matt surface.

The studio at Glassmuseum Ebeltoft.
Blowing the Twig vases.

Finishing the lip of the vase.

The very last touch before the vase goes to the annealer. Then sand blasted and polished.

Lotte Thorsøe 2015_02_07_6074 copya4,72dpi,1346x723

2015_02_07_6112 copy,72 dpi,1346x723

2015_02_07_6054 copya4,72dpi,1346x723